Bohemian Vegan
Bohemian Vegan



What is Bohemian Vegan?

Bohemian vegan is everything we wanted to eat when we first became a vegan, but could not find out there, and from there it grew.

 The Bohemian promise, Bohemian vegan was founded with the idea that if you came to our house, we would be proud to serve you our food.  Many ready-made meals, are looked at as more of a convenience, than an amazing meal you are treating yourself to this evening.

Bohemian vegan aims to bring you high quality food, from high quality ingredient, (often sourced less than 20 meters from the stove top) that could not be better if you made it yourself.. Want to make it yourself, see our Vlog. 

Theosis Northam.

The original Bohemian Vegan